Welcome to the new version of iVirtuaLease.com!!

The existing functionality of reduced number of pages to open for reports, Daily Reports being the default page with today’s reports listed, the Search functionality and Upload Documents, is still available.

We have added some new enhancements

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – Log into the new iVirtuaLease with your existing username and password and it will walk you through the MFA set up using a 3rd party authenticator app of your choice (examples: Google, Microsoft, etc.) on your Android or iPhone. Future logins will prompt you for that code at login.
  • Client Admin – Your company can identify Client Admin(s) that will have the ability to set up, maintain and enable / disable Standard Users within your company. To become or be switched to a Client Admin, have your data owner send an email to techsupport@jdrsolutions.com. That request will give JDR Solutions approval to provide Client Admin access to that user and any other user that they subsequently assign the Client Admin role.
  • Employee ID has been added to the User Listing Report. It can be used for Employee ID, Department, Location, etc. Whatever you see fit.
  • The User Listing Report can now be scheduled on either a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to automatically go to the Daily or Monthly Calendar. To choose a frequency, have your data owner send an email to techsupport@jdrsolutions.com.

We are working on even more functionality. Let us know about your experience. As always, send an email if you have questions.

For iVirtuaLease site support, please contact 317-863-7676 or email JDR Technical Support